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When You Clench Your Fist It Says Everything About Your Personality


Okay! Now we have discovered so many different ways to identify what kind of person we all are and look into ourselves too. Our personality reveals so many things about us and many of us have tried to understand about ourselves and our personality through Pulmonology, Metoposcopy and many more.

Earlier we already had discussed about so many stories and current issues on the subject eyes, ankle line, ear shape, fingerprint which tells about our own persona. But this time, we are here to know and discuss about how only our “fist” says about our personality.

Come on people! Let’s begin with personality prediction game.

So, there we go people.

If a person hold his/her fist in this way

Then you are god gifted because you are not selfish or mean but a person with kind heart. And unfately you are frequently get cheated by people around you from your decency and kindness.

Or else if in this way

Hurrah! Congrats yourself because you are creative. People are more likely to be attracted by people like you. Qualities you got are; highly self-esteemed, good leader and fewer times, you didn’t take bold decisions due to the fear of losing things.

Now eventually, if in this way

Ehem! Then you have got charming witty character. Qualities of this personality are high vision and took all possible steps for not trying to make anyone disturb your inner harmony. Or few times when you took things easily or for granted then that make you sad.