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What You See First Can Reveal What You’re Looking For In Life


Our eyes perceive things which are influenced by our thoughts, our minds. The complex structure of the mind and our characters influence what we see. The objects we see reveal a lot about our personality and also some hidden secrets of our hearts.

Viewing this picture and then analyzing the answer, you can know what you are searching for in life.

So, look at the picture carefully and think of the first thing you saw.

Here are the answers and the analysis:

(1) The Dog:

Viewing the dog first means you always look for intricate detailing. The dog is the symbol of loyalty, peace, and stability. Noticing it first means you are looking for these qualities in a companion. You are at peace with yourself after experiencing life and all you need in life is someone to share them with. You value respect and you know well to give others space too. All you need now is that stable, trusting companion who will respect you and with whom you’ll share the joys of your life.

What you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t rush into things. In the way you have found your inner happiness, you need to be content with yourself too. Let all the pain heal within you and once you are liberated from within, you will be able to find the right companion you are searching for.

(2) The Face:

If you saw the face, it means you are always looking at the bigger picture of your life. You have everything set in life. You have figured out your goals, your dreams, you know how to accomplish them. Probably you are already on the verge of accomplishing them. You have always remained focused in life and nothing else mattered to you above them. That’s why, deep inside, you are looking for creativity and some voice from within is telling you that you need more from life, something which can’t be measured in terms of money or material things.

The answer might be love.

You need to make time for meditation, be a little softer, let your mind open up to new feelings, possibilities, emotions. Don’t let your heart locked. Let it breathe and you will figure out the things you are looking for.