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Only A True Genius Can Solve This Tricky Riddle


We love a superb riddle – it will get your mind working and is the right noon distraction! We’ve got collected a sequence of mind-bending questions to check your brainteaser abilities! Problem your self and see for those who can determine it out.

In any case, right here’s the riddle:

“A man was 15 years old in 1990. But that same person is 10 years old in 1995. How can that be?”

The puzzle is something however easy. Are you able to resolve it?

Okay, did you determine the reply? If you happen to can’t provide you with the reply, we’ll reveal it beneath.

Right here is the reply

If you happen to failed to determine the reply, then verify beneath the picture.

If you happen to figured it out already, then congratulations – you’re one thing of a genius (effectively, you’re sharper than most at the least). You’re one of many 20% who knew the reply to this tough riddle straight away.

If you happen to didn’t handle to unravel the riddle, then the reply is beneath:

It was BC (Earlier than Christ). So 1990 years earlier than the beginning of Jesus the person was 15. And in 1995, 5 years earlier than that (1995 BC), the identical man was 10.

Did you resolve it by your self? Congratulations to you then!