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3 Puzzles That Can Upgrade Your IQ!


Studies have shown that puzzles have really beneficial effects on your brain. They sharpen your thinking, boost your memory, and overall increase your IQ. They are like a CrossFit workout for your grey matter, to keep it sharp and active. These riddles may look simple, but don’t underestimate them — they may challenge you.

We prepared these puzzles for you that might make you scratch your head. And if you can’t figure out the answer, check below.

1. Move one cup to get this order.

Check the answer:

2. It’s black when you buy it,
red when you use it, and
gray when you throw it away.Check the answer:

3. Which glass has more water?

Check the answer:

How many did you get right? Make sure that you tell us about it in the comment section below. And don’t forget to send this to all of your friends.